Notts Mini League

Cross Country 2009-2010

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Day Date


  Venue Start
Organising Club
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Contact Ages
Sunday 27-Sep-09   . Event 1 Retford (Kings Park) 11.00 Retford
Gary Longdon U11 to U15
Sunday 22-Nov-09
Event 2 Newark (Grove Leisure Centre) 11.00 Newark
Garreth Bagguley U11 to U15
Sunday 13-Dec-09


Event 3 . 11.00 .
. U11 to U15
Sunday 24-Jan-10

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Venue Map

Event 4 Rushcliffe Country Park 11.00 Rushcliffe
Sue Todd U11 to U15
Sunday 21-Feb-09
.date may change
Event 5 Berry Hill Mansfield 11.00 Mansfield
Barry Homles U11 to U15